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Automated Payables


The i-Check method of automating your monthly check mailing.

If you send out 100 checks every month or 100,000...
Any  dollar amounts, any number of mailing addresses, any number of checks, this service provides a low-cost and reliable method of outsourcing your accounts payable check writing and mailing to free up valuable company time.

You do not need any special hardware or software since all processing is handled by i-Check. You only need a web browser and your current checking account.

i-Check AP saves you time and money.  When you use this service, you no longer need to write and sign the checks, address the envelopes, or buy the stamps.

The process is fast and easy.

You can either upload your database payable file directly to this service or use our online editor to add individual checks to your batch for processing.

Your billing for this service is simple.

Your batch is processed and tallied, then an individual invoice is created with a link to our i-Check.

You authorize payment...and you're done.

To begin using this service contact i-Check Administration.


i-Check - The Internet Check

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