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PayByCheck offers the best alternative to a credit card for Internet transactions.

Why Accept Checks?

81% of all consumer bills are paid by check.
86% of all B2B payments are by check.
88% of the US population has a checking account
Consumers prefer checks 4 to 1 over debit.
Lower transaction costs then credit cards.
No charge back issues.

You do not need any special hardware or software since all processing is handled by PayByCheck. Your customers only need a web browser and a checking account. You can also enter the information for your customer in cases of phone or FAX orders.

Studies have shown that most on-line customers are not comfortable using their credit cards to make purchases. PayByCheck gives your customer the control to authorize one transaction at a time.

Customers now have a convenient, familiar, and comfortable interface with which to do their online business.

Many of our users have found a 25% to 30% increase in their online sales after adding PayByCheck to their payment methods.

With PayByCheck, your cash flow will be greatly enhanced because sales can be closed instantly - the moment your customer decides to purchase goods or remit payment for services.

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