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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use i-Check? With i-Check you obtain check information from your customers over the Internet by adding a link to your i-Check payment page. This page resides on i-Check's Internet Gateway Server and can be customized to fit your site's colors, background and sound. The Sample Store page shows examples. You can also use the Link Generator to assist you.

Can you show me some examples of how to use i-Check? i-Check is very easy to use, just modify your i-Check payment link that we give you to add dollar amounts. See our Sample Store.

How is the money deposited into our bank account? i-Check offers several options. The default is to have the physical checks First Class Mailed to you for deposit. You are not charged for postage. i-Check Gold merchants also have the delivery options of direct deposit or i-Check ECP which is a completely paperless payment system.

How do I control and make changes to i-Check? Each Merchant is assigned an eight digit ID number that allows them to login to our Merchant Editor. You can make changes to your email address, the i-Check colors and design, and more. You can also view your recent transaction history here.

Do I have to have a website? No. There are a number of choices available for you to accept payment without your own website.

  • i-Check BP is a featured tool for automated bill presentment and payment.

  • You can also generate invoice email of your own and add a link to your i-Check within to accept payment.

  • You can use the EZ-Pay method to enter your Phone or FAX customer payments.

  • You can also send your customers to the EZ-Pay page with your i-Check ID and allow them to submit payment from that page.

How soon can I begin using my i-Check after I sign up? Instantly. Just follow our simple instructions and you will be up and running with your ecommerce solution!

I have several products with different prices how does i-Check handle that? Since your i-Check is dynamic, you can control the dollar amount of each separate i-Check or leave the amount field blank and require your customer to fill it in. i-Check as a payment method works well with many of the popular shopping cart systems that are available today. We will give you complete details in how to configure and control your i-Check account when you sign up. See also our sample store.

Am I notified of each transaction? Yes. You control many features of your i-Check including the ability to have an automatic email notification of each transaction sent to you. Your customers receive an i-Check receipt as well.

What is included on the Merchant receipt? Customer info includes NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, ITEM, MEMO, and AMOUNT...date and time are included in the headers of the email receipt.

Is there an information page for our customers? Yes. There is a link on the interface for Step-by-step instructions. You can also link to our customer information page which discusses security and privacy regarding customer data.

Can I use the i-Check logos? Yes. Provided that they are not altered. The use of these logos lends physical storefront credibility to your site and tends to increase your revenues. Here are the official i-Check Logo's for use on your web pages. You can also find the official banners for i-Check here. You may also choose to sign up to promote i-Check via ClickTrade.

Is it legal? Of course. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, Title 3, it is legal and acceptable for an individual (your customer) to authorize you to endorse a check on their behalf. Therefore, the customer's signature on the endorsement line is not necessary.

What is verified? i-Check Plus v
erification cross references i-Check transaction information against multiple financial industry databases and error checking systems for many layers of added merchant confidence. Account history is referenced to verify that there is no bad checkwriting history or stolen, closed, or frozen status on the account itself.

Funds within the account are not verified or guaranteed.

i-Check Plus now includes i-Check AVS   The only ecommerce address verification database built from multiple data sources.

Can I have different account options within one i-Check Merchant account? No. Options like the PAY TO name and contact information are unique within an account. For different options, additional accounts are required.

Can you do international? Yes, we can process checks drawn on US, Puerto Rican, and Virgin Island accounts that are in US Dollars. There is a $50 deposit required for all international Merchants. You can also leave an additional running deposit for transaction fees.

Do you accept  ATM/Debit cards? No.

Do you process credit cards?   i-Check has chosen to specialize in check based transactions in order to provide the highest quality products and services in the industry that we created. i-Check recognizes that merchants would benefit from accepting both types of payments and therefore has formed alliances with quality credit card processing providers who are i-Check compatible.

Do you accept Travelers Checks/Money Orders? No.

Can we input the information for our customers? Yes. Like in the case of Phone and FAX orders, this is a perfectly acceptable method of processing such sales. You can also use the EZ-Pay method to enter your Phone or FAX customer payments.

Are the funds guaranteed? i-Check is just like a regular check. There is the possibility the check is NSF. i-Check Plus includes verification and i-Check AVS which give you a large margin of safety.

How easy is it to change my service plan after I sign up? Very. Just use our Utilities on this site and change from the menu. For Plus service, it's effective immediately.

How soon do I get the money? Again this depends on which delivery option that you qualify for and choose. Checks are processed every day at 9PM and mailed the following business day. Direct deposits are done once a day.

Do you offer Merchants the option of printing their own checks? No. We have found that this is the LEAST cost effective method of doing this sort of transaction. Other than the investment in time and energy in setting this up by a Merchant, the physical materials required to perform this according to bank standards are very restrictive financially to come by.

How am I billed? We invoice our i-Check and i-Check Plus merchants monthly for the per transaction fees. This invoice is online and is paid online via i-Check. You will receive email notification on the first of each month via email. If you change your email address or do not receive this notice, contact i-Check support. Unpaid invoices result in suspended accounts. You may leave a running deposit for your transaction fees.

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