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Make it easy for your customers to pay you.  i-Check BP

The i-Check method of outsourcing your bill presentment.

If you have subscription based customers, this service provides you and your customers with a safe, easy, and fast method of paying their account related bills.

The process is fast and easy.

You upload a customer file containing the email addresses and amounts due, and i-Check generates and sends email invoices with your embedded i-Check account link for payment.  After one week, non-paid accounts are emailed a Final Notice email invoice.

You do not need any special hardware or software since all processing is handled by i-Check.

Your billing for this service is simple.

There is a one time signup fee of $275.
The transaction fees are as listed in either the i-Check or i-Check Plus fee schedule depending on the service base you chose.

As an optional service, you can elect to receive a printed statement of paid/unpaid customer subscriptions mailed at the end of the first and second weeks of each month.

If you choose to be sent printed statements, there is a monthly statement fee of $15.


i-Check - The Internet Check

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