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Sample Receipts

i-Check Notification of Payment

From: i-Check processing [your customer's email]
To: Your Company Name
Subject: i-Check Notification of Payment

This is an automatic notification that a payment has been made to your account.

  1. Item:          From ITEM TAG
  2. Name:        Customer's name
  3. Address:    Customer's address
  4. Address:
  5. Phone #:    Customer's phone number
  6. E-Mail:        Customer's email address
  7. Check Number: Number of check from customer's checkbook.
  8. Amount:      Dollar amount of the transaction
  9. Check Memo:  From MEMO of the i-Check
  10. Reference #:       i-Check reference number
  11. Customer's IP:        x.x.x.x
  12. This transaction was approved
  13. Approval Code: nnnnn

Note: Date and time can be found in the headers of the receipt.

Note: #1 and #9 Both ITEM and MEMO are included in the notification. Customers can not alter ITEM field.

Note: #3 - #6 included for shipping and customer service.

Note: This notification will seem to come from your customer's email address. This enables you to use this email to cue an autoresponder of your own to reply to your customer or send passwords, URLs, or other information to your customer after they remit payment.

**** i-Check Receipt ****

  1. This is your receipt for the following transaction:
  2. Payment made to:
  3. Amount:
  4. Date:
  5. Check Number:
  6. Reference #:
  7. Memo:
  8. Item:
  9. Questions regarding this transaction should be directed to the merchant.
  10. Transaction processed by www.i-Check.net

Note: #3 Merchant's PAY TO name appears here.

Note: #9 Customer service for all sales must be performed by the Merchant. It is the responsibility of the Merchant to provide contact information for their customers on their website or email invoice.


i-Check - The Internet Check

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