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Signup Instructions
  • Fill out the Merchant Application page. Fields in BOLD are required.
  • Click Submit Application button.
  • Next, you will be taken to an actual i-Check to pay for your signup fee. To pay your signup fee by credit card call our sales department at 253-565-1277.
  • After you submit payment, you will be given your i-Check Merchant ID and instructions to begin accepting payment with your i-Check.
  • Keep a copy of your i-Check Merchant ID and password in a safe place (we recommend printing these out if you can). You will need these to control and make changes to your account, view your invoice online, etc.
  • Each time you contact i-Check, please include your i-Check Merchant ID that we may better assist you.

You do not need any special hardware or software since all processing is handled by i-Check. Your customers only need a web browser and a checking account. You can also enter the information for your customer in cases of phone or FAX orders.

i-Check offers different options for you to receive your i-Check payments. The default is to have the physical checks First Class Mailed to you for deposit. Checks are processed every day at Midnight EST and mailed the following business day.

When you sign up, you are assigned an i-Check Merchant ID that allows you to login to our i-Check Utilities. You can make changes to your email address, the colors of the i-Check, and more. You can also view your recent transaction history and make payments to your i-Check account here.

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i-Check - The Internet Check

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