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Here is an explanation of the process in brief:

  • You include a link on your site or email invoice to the i-Check form on our secure server.

  • The customer fills it out. In Phone or FAX orders, you would fill this out on your customer's behalf.

  • The customer clicks through to the Confirmation page which tracks the individual making the payment to you.

  • The customer is then returned to your Refresh URL.

  • The banking information is verified (if you have i-Check Plus).

  • The customer address is verified (if you have i-Check Plus).

  • You and your customer receive email receipts for the transaction.

  • i-Check constructs a check on your customer's behalf.

  • i-Check First Class Mails (or direct deposits) checks each business day.

  • You are invoiced monthly for transaction fees.

  • You pay this invoice via our i-Check.

  • Transaction fees are per transaction and do not have a percentile of sale attached.
  • There is no amount maximum for i-Check transactions.
  • Transactions are processed within moments…including weekends, holidays, evenings.
  • Many shopping cart providers have integrated i-Check compatibility into their systems for your ecommerce convenience.


i-Check - The Internet Check

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